Scottsdale water polo is a Co-Ed Masters water polo club. Serving masters water polo players who are 19+.  located in Phoenix Arizona. Once upon a time it existed in Scottsdale, hence the name, but now we play wherever we find space. Hosting practices currently at Brophy Preperatory school.

Scottsdale waterpolo has over 200 current/alumni players who enjoy a little beer on the side.  We practice on Wednesday nights, and take polo church seriously on Sunday mornings. 

Started by the late Drew Bauer and retired ( but still playing ) Gene Dafoe, as a means to grow water polo in Arizona and grow the sport in the United States.  We host an annual tournament the Drew Bauer memorial tournament to continue the legacy of our founder. Phillip James is currently in charge of the club.  Phillip has played competitively in California playing with Citrus college where they won State, and starting several clubs in California.  

SWP aims to build a competitive national masters team, and have a fun and competitive growth for masters water polo and to help build, and support local Az water polo clubs including college and age group. Supporting players from TOPAZ the Clubs at ASU, GCU and OUAZ respectively.  Offering discounts for college players and other financial needs as permitted.