The Drew Bauer Invitational 1/31- 2/2 | 2025

Drew Bauer Invitational image of a man wearing a waterpolo cap with a water polo ball in one hand and a beer stein in the left while swimming.Drew Bauer Invitational is a tournament to honor and remember Drew the Scottsdale water polo founder and Legend.  His desire to build a community of like minded folks who love to play water polo, grow the sport in Arizona and make it as competitive as possible! 

Drew couldn't do it alone and he knew If you want to go far you go together. Together with Gene Dafoe they built SWP to what it is today.  In honor of Drew and their friendship Gene started the Drew Bauer Memorial Scholarship at Ottawa University to continue the plan to grow, build and support Desert Water polo.  If you would like to know more about Drew and or donate to the cause please take a few minutes to do so!


The Drew Bauer invite info

Pool Etiquette - Please read.


Please keep all drinks, drugs and other paraphernalia away from the pool, and the pool deck. If you must imbibe do it at your own risk away from the Brophy campus.

Please refrain from cussing and yelling loudly, the pool is connected to a church.


Please use the Locker rooms to change! We are able to high school pool as a courtesy. Please be respectful and refrain from deck changing.


Please keep all doors closed! Do not prop open or block doors from latching.


Please help set up and clean up!


Thank you for playing water polo. Participating in our tournament and memorial for Drew Bauer. Play hard, have fun and be safe.

Brophy College Preparatory

The brophy prep pool is a 50m + pool with the ability to host two brackets simultaneously, an Open and a Classic bracket.


    Our OPEN bracket is for the most competitive teams. Enter this bracket for a more competitive game. 25 meter pool, USA Masters water polo rules apply.


    Our CLASSIC bracket is for older teams, and less competitive games. Enter this bracket for 23.5 yard pool. USA Masters water polo rules apply.


    Each player must be registered with USA Water polo to participate. Once you register here and pay, please enter your team into the sanctioned tournament.


Need more info? Contact us!